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There are precious moments in life that make you wish you could hit the pause button, bottle up the way you feel and store it somewhere for later to sip on and enjoy with your favorite meal...(Breakfast lover over here!) Becoming a lifestyle photographer has allowed me to do just that, or get pretty darn close, to capturing those times for families to treasure forever.

While in school studying graphic design, I had the chance to dip my toes in digital photography. However, it wasn’t until 2017 when I became a mama to my first beautiful baby boy that my passion for it blossomed. It really hits you hard how fast life goes when you witness your babe grow from a teeny tiny bundle of love to a walking and talking ball of energy! My own desire to document every little detail led me to starting my own small business, Libby Kick Creative, so that I could provide the same for others.

Based out of Dickinson, North Dakota, not far from the ranch I grew up on, I’ve been thrilled to have the opportunity to photograph babies, families, and so many amazing real-life stories over these last few years. I aim to capture life’s experiences in their raw, candid essence, from the spirited adventures of childhood, the intimate journey between couples, to the miraculous glow of maternity and chaotic beauty of motherhood. It’s my pleasure to connect with my clients and leave them with a timeless piece of their story.

Photography has become such an incredible creative outlet for me and every session is a rewarding experience! I love the bonds I’ve built with the people and families that welcome me into their lives during some of their most delicate seasons. As a wife and mother of now two beautiful boys, I really understand the importance of showing the bliss of that specific moment, the excitement, the silliness, the inside jokes, and the overall uniqueness that makes you and your family...well, you! Whatever memory you’d like to snatch up and take with you along your way, I’m happy to lend a helping hand and an eye to catch it just right!

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